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Este es un par de Levi´s por W+K

La agencia Wieden + Kennedy desarrolla esta campaña para Levi´s titulada "Thread", inicia con este spot de 60 segundos versión "This Is A Pair Of Levi's" una excelente narrativa que te va llevando hasta llegar al bendito climax que todo escritor busca alcanzar. En este caso la redacción es del copywriter Erin Swanson.

This is a pair of Levi's®,
buttons and rivets and pockets and cuffs,

and the thread that holds it together.

When the road gets rough and the sky gets jumpy and the stars start falling on top of your head and the waves start breaking against your legs;

It's the thread in your seams that's tied to your dreams.

It's the sole in your feet that keep the beat;

You're gonna be great, you're gonna be great, you're gonna be great;

You're gonna find the cure, you're gonna be famous, you're gonna be shameless.
Spittin' seeds in the wind, tap dancing with your shoe laces pinned, to the back
of a bus at the end of the road, at the bottom of the ninth, with a crown on your head

You're a queen, you're a king, you're the solo act in a sold out show at a six story stadium, and you're proud, you're a hero! You got a hero's grip. Swingin' by a

single stitch. You follow your heart, follow the leader, you're the leader;

Are you joking, are you breaking, are you shaking? You're the next living leader of the world. You're a kid. Holding onto the thread. That holds it together.

This is a pair of Levi's®
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